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Learning Resource Centre

We believe that to critically understand and address lived realities, one needs an in-depth and intersectional understanding of Gender and Sexuality. As a resource organisation, Nirantar drives and enables various feminist-intersectional learning processes on gender and sexuality through its institutional courses, training programs and workshops. We build capacities of CBOs, NGOs, government programmes, academic institutions and other agencies and organisations. We also engage with them to incorporate a gender and sexuality lens within their organisations and programming. Our resource centre also builds knowledge around various aspects of gender and sexuality, engaging with multiple stakeholders and critically and politically informing the international, national, regional and grassroots discourse on these issues.
While we see gender and sexuality as two distinct analytical categories in our approach, we also see them related, as they act upon each other and together to create hierarchical structures of gender and sexuality (and not just of gender or sexuality). 
Training and Capacity Building: Nirantar believes in the transformative potential of enabling people to access learning opportunities and building their critical perspectives towards social justice and equity. The design and content of our trainings are rooted in the lives and contexts of women and girls from marginalised communities, using interactive and feminist educational pedagogy.
We conduct workshops, training and courses on issues related to education, literacy, gender, sexuality, adolescent education using feminist participative pedagogies that take into account the location and lived realities of participants as the core idea to work out the content and designs of our capacity building interventions  
Currently, we organize two annual institutional courses, for which organisations and individuals are invited to apply.
  1. Course on Young People, Sexuality, & Rights (Yuva, Yaunikta, aur Adhikar): The Yuva, Yaunikta, aur Adhikar course seeks to build capacities of organisations, especially community-based organisations working with young people through a structured learning space. It is a five-day residential training in Hindi that addresses the understanding of gender, sexuality and its linkages to various aspects of everyday life such as education, health, media and marriage from young people’s perspective. Through the course, we aim to create a space to critically engage with the challenges and realities of fieldworkers’ own lives and also to build language and skills to work with young people by keeping them in the centre using gender and sexuality lens. 
  2. “Sexuality: Looking in, Looking out” Course: This is Nirantar’s latest institutional course, which is conducted in English and online. It is aimed at practitioners, students and academicians to explore and understand sexuality in ways that are rooted in lived reality, while critically examining binaries of ‘good’/‘bad’, feminist/anti-feminist, control/agency as well the construction of rationality in the ways that sexuality has been looked at so far. The lenses and sites through which sexuality is understood in the course include the psyche, digital technology, age (including ageing), social and economic margins. Simultaneous with this, the course will seek to build a deeper understanding of how sexuality is infused with relations and structures of power as well as how these can be challenged by the non-binary messiness of lived realities.