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Resource Centre

Nirantar is a resource centre for gender and education, established in 1993. We work towards empowering women through education – by enabling access to information, promoting literacy, and engendering education processes. We achieve this through direct field intervention, creating educational resources, training, reviews, research, and advocacy.

Nirantar develops and produces a range of gender-sensitive reading and teaching-learning material. We have a wide range of material including magazines, newspapers, curricula, study reports, analytic documents and books. Nirantar's publications are produced in a language and style that is simple, yet not simplistic. In addition, the style is entertaining and informative. We ensure that the material produced is interactive and developed through sustained field engagement. We also work collaboratively on various textbook writing interventions with various partner organisations.

In addition to this, our resource centre maintains archival material on publications, an elaborate organisational library, and video centre.