Educational Material on Health (Hindi)

The series of health education manuals, titled Swasthya ki Khoj Mein (In Search of Good Health) were created with the following objectives:

  •  Develop an understanding of health from a gender, class, and caste perspective.
  •  Recognize women's experiences and existing knowledge on health-related issues.
  •  Enable women to see their health problems in the context of their own lives, and empower them to take greater control over their own lives.
  •  Link women’s personal experiences to larger political issues related to control over women’s health.

The manuals are meant for facilitators, teachers and health workers, working with women’s groups, literacy, post-literacy and continuing education programmes. 

Swasthya Ki Khoj Mein

A set of three volumes on health education in Hindi for field-level health workers.

Vol 1: Ek Nazariya

Builds an understanding on the concept on health and how it relates to poverty, gender and governance.

Vol 2: Khud Ko Jaane

Focuses on systems of the human body, their functions, anomalies and their causes, cure and prevention. 

Vol 3: Apne Ko Pehchane

On reproductive health and sexuality; based on women’s personal experiences and their critical analysis.