School and Higher education

Nirantar has systematically engaged in mainstream education with a vision to inform it with a gender and equity perspective. Gender has, over the last decade, found greater space in State policy and programme initiatives, albeit with a narrow focus on increasing girls’ access to education. Nirantar highlights the importance of looking beyond access to ensuring that gender is key to all dimensions of education including content and pedagogy — the teaching-learning processes. We call for gender to be integral to education, rather than taking the ‘add and stir’ approach. Nirantar does not equate ‘gender’ with ‘women’. We see gender as a social dimension, and one which impacts women and men as well as transgender people. We believe that gender can be understood only by bridging the divisions between personal and political, the individual experience and larger social realities.  Our efforts are aimed at influencing every aspect of mainstream education, whether through training of teachers, creating material to be used for trainings, or for young people themselves. An important part of our work is creating materials in Hindi, in a context in which little is available from the rich literature that currently exists in English on gender and education. The capacity building includes rigourous courses, trainings and workshops, as common events or those designed specifically for organisations and programmes that approach Nirantar for inputs.