Young People's Education

Nirantar's work aimed at young people relates to the realms of school education, technology and sexuality. We seek to engender school education through teachers trainings, demonstrating possibilities of community involvement, research etc. We enable empowering learning opportunities related to Information and Communication Technologies for young women from marginalized communities. Nirantar also highlights and enables linkages between issues of sexuality and education for young people.

School and Higher education

Nirantar engages with all aspects of formal education, from trainings for teachers and teacher educators, school textbook writing, creation of booklets for young readers, creation of manuals, reviewing school textbooks and advocating for holistic and effective approaches to gender in mainstream education. Nirantar offers rigorous courses on Gender and Education in Hindi for educationists as well as for staff members of community-based organisations. 

ICTs for Empowerment

Nirantar works with young Muslim women in Lucknow, training them on the use of technology such as computers, photography and film-making, along with perspective building on gender and identity. Nirantar seeks to work with community-based groups who wish to begin such work with women in their communities. Nirantar also advocates for the State to provide vocational skills training on the use of such technology, which challenges gender stereotypes and is also more effective in terms of enhancing livelihood opportunities.

Sexuality Education for Young People

Nirantar conducts trainings, undertakes reviews of materials, publishes teaching-learning material and undertakes advocacy in order to promote sexuality education and adolescence/life skills education which is not disciplining, judgemental and out of sync with young people's lives, but positive and empowering for young people. Nirantar’s extensive field-level experience places it in a strong position to help organisations strategise about how to address issues of sexuality at the community level.