Nirantar Delhi

Soshamma, Accounts and Admin team

Soshammaji is one of Nirantar’s oldest members and is the heart and soul of our admin and accounts team, holding our purse strings and our train tickets close. She’s a hot favourite at lunch time, with Kerala style karela, beef and the works.

Prasanna, Admin team

As finicky about her coconut-laced Mallu food as she is about timings and rules, pen drives and data cards, Prasanna nevertheless glues Nirantar together, making sure the office and our too-many events are always under control.

Ajay, Accounts and Admin team

His singular demand for a 'cabin' of his own still unfulfilled, Ajay remains nose-to-his-Tally, at large in the world of Global Budgets and Painful Auditors, except at lunch time when he offers a few Burari cucumbers around, or shares a few inside jokes with his partner-in-hisaab, Soshammaji.

Anil, Admin team

Anil, office-and-stocks-in-charge, is definitely the most in-demand member of Nirantar, and with his increasing absorption into the computer screen and speedy typing skills, demands for more chai and coffee are wont to fall even oftener on deaf ears.

Archana, Mainstream Education team, Sahjani Shiksha Kendra team (Delhi) and Deputy Director

Archana, we’ve decided, can’t do without Nirantar, even though she’s tried! In her current stint, she has determined to dance through her 40s with a certain style, a certain firmness about literacy targets and RTE provisions, and some help from the romantic paperbacks stashed in her bag.