Sexuality Training

Nirantar can be approached for sexuality trainings by NGOs, educational institutions, community-level organisations, LGBT groups, governmental programmes, etc. Nirantar also enters into intensive partnerships with organisations whom we feel have a commitment to work with a sexuality perspective which include several workshops and support in planning and conducting workshops with other staff members/women from the community/students etc. Nirantar's sexuality trainings are designed keeping in mind the context of the organization requesting the trainings, be it a school wanting sexuality inputs for teachers or an NGO working with poor, rural women. Nirantar's sexuality trainings seek to address the inhibitions and fears that staff members have about engaging with community members/students on issues of sexuality. The trainings seek to build a positive approach to sexuality as well as building an understanding of the role of sexuality in both maintaining and challenging power relations related to gender, caste, religion etc. Our trainings also demonstrate linkages between sexuality and other rights such as those related to health, education or livelihoods.