Building Capacities and Advocating for Women's Literacy

Nirantar undertakes intensive capacity building, through trainings and follow-up support for community-based partner organisations to enable them to design and implement literacy programmes. Till date Nirantar has built capacities for 20 organisations who have in turn worked with over 15,000 women learners.  Nirantar also develops teaching-learning materials for teachers and trainers which have a strong focus on empowerment and functional use, alongside building the skills of reading and writing. Nirantar has for many years been advocating with NGOs and women’s groups for the recognition of the importance of literacy, efforts which are now bearing fruit. Nirantar also advocates with the government for literacy programmes to have a strong focus on gender and sustainability of literacy skills.

In all its efforts, Nirantar promotes literacy which is transformatory. Mainstream literacy efforts often seek to make women better mothers and more responsible citizens. Whereas Nirantar promotes literacy which has at its centre women themselves — their rights, needs and interests, including the pleasure of reading and to engage with a world beyond one’s own.