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Nirantar believes in the transformative potential of enabling people to access learning opportunities and building their critical perspectives towards social justice and equity. The design and content of our trainings are rooted in the lives and contexts of women and girls from marginalised communities, using interactive and feminist educational pedagogy.

We conduct workshops, trainings and courses on issues related to education, literacy, gender, sexuality, adolescent education and ICTs (Information Communication Technologies). These are tailored for covering a range of participants, including staff members of community-based organisations and government programmes, teachers and educators working at grass-root level, as well as women and adolescent girls from marginalised and minority communities. Many of our trainings and courses are organised yearly, while several are customised as per the requirements and context of the organisations.

Nirantar’s Annual Trainings & Courses

We hold a wide range of trainings, workshops and courses, which are conducted on a regular basis, for which organisations are invited to apply.

  • Annual Women's Literacy and Empowerment TrainingA seven-day residential training designed to enable participants from different organisations to develop, implement and monitor their literacy programmes. It aims at building a critical understanding on women’s literacy, gender and empowerment with skill building on pedagogy for teaching language and numeracy.
  • Gender and Education CourseA ten-day residential academic course aimed at bringing academicians and practitioners together to build a critical conceptual understanding of gender and education, including factors that impact education such as caste, class, sexuality, and the nation. A mix of education practitioners both from academic institutions as well as grassroots organisations is the strength of the course.
  • Gender and Education Course for ActivistsIt is a five-day residential course for grassroots-level organisations, working on education with young people and women. The course can also be customised as per the needs and context of the concerned organisations.
  • Course on Young People, Sexuality, & Rights (Yuva, Yaunikta, aur Adhikar)The Yuva, Yaunikta, aur Adhikar course seeks to build capacities of organisations, especially community-based organisations working with young people through a structured learning space. The training addresses understanding of gender, sexuality and its linkages to various aspects of everyday life such as education, health, media and marriage. Through the course, Nirantar aims to create a space to critically engage with the challenges and realities of fieldworkers’ own lives and their work with young people, in order to build a language in which they can talk to them.

Customised Trainings

  • Gender and SexualityThis training seeks to build linkages between personal experience and the larger social, material realities of patriarchy with respect to the concepts of gender and sexuality. Through these trainings, we aim to highlight linkages between gender, sexuality, and other social dimensions such as caste, class and religion.  These linkages are crucial to analyse the socially constructed concepts of gender norms, gender transgression and implications of these norms in creating hierarchies and exclusions. The trainings are an attempt to build a positive approach towards sexuality, as well as building an understanding of the role of sexuality in both maintaining and challenging power relations existing in the society.
  • Gender and CasteBased on our intensive experience of working in parts of Northern India where caste still prevails in various forms and structures, Nirantar is committed to build an understanding of caste and its linkage with gender and sexuality, for which we regularly conducts workshops with grassroots-level organisations and groups working with young people.
  • Gender and Education Trainings with Teachers, Programme Staff, and PlannersThese trainings and workshops are focussed at developing an in-depth understanding of gender and equity. It breaks the divide between theory and practice by bringing concepts of gender, caste diversity, and in-classroom situations to reflect upon the lived realities of teachers and learners in the institutions of education.
  • Sexuality Education For Young People (Course on Sexuality and Gender for Empowerment of Young Women and Transpeople)A seven-day course for practitioners who work with young women, including facilitators, trainers, researchers, educationists, teachers, resource/support agencies and those involved in curriculum development. The course combines theory and practice, interactive methods, readings and lectures on sexuality education.