Reading Material for Young Readers/ The Yuva Pitara Shrinkhla (Hindi)

Nirantar's experience of 25 years in publishing Pitara magazine for adult readers now feeds into in the newer Pitara Young Reader series. Since 2010, thematic booklets (in Hindi) are being created that will be used as reading and resource material for upper primary-level, under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan programme (SSA) – readers between 10-18 years. These booklets have articles on history, geography, popular science etc. In addition they discuss issues related to gender and social equity. Besides information each booklet contains fiction, humour and interesting nuggets of information relevant to the theme. The booklets are beautifully produced and richly illustrated.

Khana Khazana

A treasure trove of information about everyone's favourite subject – food! Ranging from stories on various cuisines, the Right to Food, functions of the tongue, discrimination around food and many more.

Tana Bana

Explores the history and significance of clothing; it contains stories on various facets of clothing, for instance how Khadi became the national symbol of freedom struggle or how certain clothing furthers gender stereotypes.

Jangal Ki Chaanv Me

The theme of this is forests. Important issues like who has the right over forests and how forests are part of the living history of not only animals but also of human beings, are included.

Ho Jaayen Lotpot

Every culture has a sense of humour and this booklet is filled with funny stories that leave the reader rolling with laughter. Critical issues about sense of humour from a gender perspective are also talked about.

Duniyan Ki Sair

Journeys are a means of self-discovery. The book contains a wide range of travel writings by women like Saba Diwan, Ravindranath Tyagi, Nellie Bly, Pandita Ramabai, Malka Pukhraj and Mohammadi Begum among others.


Dedicated to rivers, the booklet includes pieces on how the longest river of the world is also witness to the oldest civilization; and the Brahmaputra is the only river identified as male!

Parsi Nu Jivan

This booklet explores the small but significant Parsi community in India: articles include understanding the Parsi religion, culture, history, lifestyle and challenges faced by this community. For many readers this will be new and interesting information and a unique way of understanding and respecting religious and cultural diversity.

Hamari Kalam Se

This booklet brings together writings by women and introduces forms like autobiography, play, poetry, short story etc. Writings by Katyayeni, Ismat Chughtai, Anne Frank, Shahrukh Hussain, Nadira Zahir Babbar, Bebi Haldar, Rukaiya Sakhawat Hussain, Leela Seth are included in this collection.

Roshni Ke Dweep

This booklet demystifies the issues related to outer space and the solar system. The unknown yet still absorbing mysteries of space are made accessible to readers.

Radionama *Coming soon*

Spotlight on the most widely used media in India – the radio! The booklet includes articles on the history of radio, a radio play by Manto and an article on a radio station run by women, and experiences related to community radio. Information on urban radio stations is complemented by a critique is of how such stations focus only on the needs and aspirations of a few and not the wider audience which radio is intended to cater to.

Kheti Kisaani

This booklet provides information that is new and interesting around the theme of agriculture. It has articles on festivals related to agriculture, a story on a fictional fight between gram and wheat and a photo feature on women and their role in agriculture. 

Bhasha Ke Rang Dhang

Language, an integral part of our everyday life, is the focus of this booklet. It explores how languages evolve, and why some become extinct. Read about local languages through case studies and experiences of communities. And see how diversely language is used – with slogans and poetry behind auto-rickshaws! The stories also illustrate how gender is reflected in language.
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