Research / Documents Related to Women

"Nirantar’s research seeks to strategically impact policy-level discussions and debates on issues related to gender and education. We fulfil our mandate of creating and disseminating knowledge in different ways including by publishing reports and papers."

Exploring the Everyday: Ethnographic Approaches to Literacy and Numeracy (English) 

A research study that looks at how literacy and numeracy practices are rooted in people’s contexts and spheres of knowledge; it also documents experiences of organizations that have drawn upon ethnography to strengthen teaching-learning practices and material.Ethnographic Research Study

Windows to the World (English) / Gyan ki Jhariya Layee (Hindi)

This book describes and reflects upon the experience of developing a curriculum for rural women. It presents principles, concepts and issues often faced by educational practitioners working with rural women.(Click here to read more about the book).

Examining Empowerment, Poverty, Alleviation and Education within SHGs: A Qualitative Study (English and Hindi)

A qualitative study on the impact of the widespread phenomenon of Self Help Groups in empowerment, as a strategy for alleviating poverty among women. 

Examining Literacy and Power within SHGs: A Quantitative Study (English and Hindi)

This report shares the findings of a survey conducted in 2007 of 2,750 micro-credit based SHGs across 16 states in India. This was a national-level study done by Nirantar, which proved revealing data to understand the impact of micro-credit through a gender perspective. It had a particular focus on the impact of limited access of women in SHGs to literacy, on access to leadership and other dimensions of empowerment.