Books on Women's Education

"Nirantar publishes books related to women's education which explore the linkages between gender and education in women’s lives through a multitude of methods and themes."

Bhay Naahee, Khed Naahee (in Hindi) 

Although much has been written on Pandita Ramabai, this book goes further, exploring her life through the prism of education – her own educational journey as well as the impact of her work on women’s education. The book can be used by NGOs, universities, schools, both as training material and simply for the pleasure of reading.(Click here for more details).

Muslim Women's Narratives and Writing (Hindi)

Twelve life stories of women from across UP and Bihar, based on extensive interviews and research, which also creates a backdrop against which they can be read. The nature and history of Muslim demographics, rural and urban settings, and the presence of long-standing educational institutions for girls in the area, have influenced the final selection sites of inquiry - namely Kishanganj, Moradabad, Patna and Lucknow. The book can be used by NGOs, universities, schools, whether as training material or simply for the pleasure of reading. (Click here for more details).

Kalam-e-Niswan  An Anthology of Muslim Womens Writings (Hindi)

To develop a deeper understanding of Muslim women’s education, we explored the history of writing by Muslim women over the last century. In Kalam-e-Niswan, for the first time, these writings from various Urdu publications are compiled in the form of a book. The pieces have not been translated from Urdu to Hindi, but transliterated, keeping the flavour of the writing intact.(Click here for more details).