Reading Material for Newly- literate Readers

Written in simple Hindi, these publications make powerful and engaging literary works accessible to rural and newly-literate audiences.  They are a perfect blend of entertainment and a range of interesting information.

Pitara (Hindi) 

Aapka Pitara was a bi-monthly magazine which Nirantar produced regularly from 1994 until 2010, but its issues available and popular, read by about 15,000 people! The magazine targets both adults and adolescents in Hindi-speaking states. Each issue of Pitara offers articles and stories that cover different dimensions of a theme, for example food, farming, outer space, love, travelling, gender etc.(Click here for more details).

Booklets (Hindi)

Booklets are available on a range of themes written in simple ('simple not simplistic'!) Hindi which can be read by newly-literate and other readers. These booklets can also be used as resource material in trainings. 
Features two stories based on the writings of renowned author Saadat Hasan Manto- Khol Do and Thanda Gosht, which capture the orgy of hatred and violence that erupted in the wake of the partition of India in 1947.
Kahaniya Nayi Purani
A collection of eight stories that reveal intimacy, love and humanity and also encounters with inequity, exploitation and injustice.
Kya Aap Jante Hai
As the name suggests, this little book answers questions that emerge in everyday life: things you always wanted to know, but didn't know how to ask! A popular science book filled with anecdotes and interesting facts.
Zindagi in Nazron Se
Nine stories that portray different facets of women’s lives, struggles and desires. This book raises important questions on gender, women’s rights and violence against women.
Dekho Kahi Chhut Na Jaye
A collection of evergreen folk tales from all over India as well as from other countries.
The abridged works of five famous Hindi writers.
A collection of stories on sexuality, gender and identity in simple Hindi.
Jaani Cheezen, Anjaani Baaten
Stories on ordinary things told not so ordinarily.
Hari bhari
Booklet on little known facts about plants.