Young People's Education


Course on Sexuality and Gender for Empowerment of Young Women and Transpeople - An intensive annual 7-day course for practitioners who work with young women, including facilitators, trainers, researchers, educationists, teachers, resource/support agencies and those involved in curriculum development. The course will combine theory and practice, interactive methods, readings and lectures. 

Training on Young People and Sexuality for groups working on Health, VAW and Adolescence  - A training will be offered in the near future for staff members of organisations working at the community level on issues of health and violence against women (VAW). This training will focus specifically on increasing the access of young women to health and VAW services, by building an in-depth understanding of these issues as they concern young women, as well on developing concrete skills in order to be able to respond to these concerns.

Intensive inputs to selected partner organisations - Intensive inputs, in the form of field visits, workshops, feedback and planning meetings, will be provided to partner organisations that have participated in the training for organisations working on Health and Gender-Based Violence. The focus of the inputs will be on actualising the inclusion of young women in the interventions being undertaken by the partner organisations, in an empowering manner.