Young People's Education

Trainings designed for those working with young people including teachers, teacher educators, staff members of community-based programmes, researchers, trainers, as well as young women from marginalised communities  on education, gender, sexuality and ICTs (information communication technologies)

School And Higher Education

Gender and Education Course  - A 10-day residential academic course aimed at bringing academicians and practitioners together to build a critical conceptual understanding of gender and education including factors that impact education such as gender, sexuality and the nation.

Activists Course on Gender and Education - This course is for grassroots level organisations working on education with young people or women. This is a 5-6 days residential course tailor-made to the needs and context of the concerned organisation.

Information and Communications Technologies for Empowerment

Skill and perspective building programme for young women - This series of intensive inputs is aimed at young women from marginalised communities and focuses on building skills related to the use of ICTs and new media such as photography, film-making, use of computers, the internet, blogs etc, as well as perspective building in order that these skills are empowering for them, widening their domains of information and knowledge, enabling them to communicate their issues to others. 

Exposure visit and Orientation workshop for community-based organisations - In the near future a workshop will be offered to orient the staff of community-based  organisations to the objectives and process of Nirantar’s ICT intervention with young Muslim women in Lucknow, as well expose the participants to the nature of work being done by the trainees. This will be aimed at NGOs working with young women to explore new and non-conventional strategies of work.