Women's Literacy and Empowerment

With the growing realisation in recent times that literacy is essential for building women’s leadership and for strengthening grassroots women’s organisation, there has also been an increasing demand for literacy in Self-Help Groups, Panchayats and federations.  However, there is still a lack of capacity building opportunities and literacy material from an empowerment perspective. In an attempt to fill this dearth, Nirantar offers structured intensive inputs over a period of 18 months to partner organisations who aim to start literacy programmes.  Below are the various components of the capacity building programme that are provided to the partners.

Annual Literacy and Empowerment Training - a 7-day residential training to enable partner organisations to design, implement and monitor literacy programmes. This trainings combine perspective-building on literacy, gender and empowerment with skill-building on teaching language and numeracy.

Training of Trainers - Capacity building of a core team in each partner organisation in order that they are able to further train others in their organisations. The trainings focus on perspective and skill-building as well as effective strategies for women’s literacy and empowerment.

Teachers’ Training - This focuses on teaching-learning process, pedagogy of maths and language teaching, use of literacy primers and activities in literacy work. These trainings are conducted with selected teachers from the partner organisations.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Workshop - Builds an understanding of monitoring and evaluation as well as MIS (management information system), to help organisations to build the framework and indicators for M&E, and also to develop monitoring tools.

Planning Advanced Phase Strategies - This training provides focused inputs on camp methodology and continuing education strategies for their programmes. 

Creation of Neo Literate Materials - Capacity building of older partner organisations who are at an advanced stage in implementing literacy programmes in creating reading material, especially material for reading by neo-literate readers.

Field level support In addition to these trainings and workshops, field visits are made by members of Nirantar to the partner organisations to better understand and respond to the needs of particular organisations.