Nirantar's work spans a wide range of interventions, woven together by its mandate of enabling empowering education and learning opportunities, both formal and non formal. The interventions include those in the area of women's literacy - as a resource group that enables organizations to design and implement literacy programmes well as an organization that directly implements literacy interventions at the community level. Nirantar's work in the area of women's education is not limited to literacy, and includes research as well as publication of books and curricula related to women's learning. In the realm of young people Nirantar's work relates to school and higher education such as strengthening teachers training and text book writing. Nirantar also undertakes capacity building as well as the development of teaching learning materials in order that issues of sexuality may be addressed by organizations that work with young people. Nirantar conducts gender trainings as well as sexuality trainings on request for NGOs as well as government programmes. Our work on Gender based Violence and sexuality includes capacity building and teaching learning materials to enable community based programmes to strengthen their violence against women programmes by addressing sexuality issues, beyond sexual violence.  Nirantar also responds to requests for reviews and evaluations of agencies and programmes, both governmental and non governmental.