Educational Materials for Women's Education

An important focus of Nirantar’s work within the continuum of women’s education is literacy. This is particularly important in a context where education is synonymous with children’s education. Both the State and civil society focus on younger people, with the belief that this provides better long term returns. The result is that education and learning opportunities are denied to adult women, particularly those from marginalised communities. To counter this, Nirantar has had a strong focus on the learning needs of adult rural women. Over the past almost two decades, we have published a range of educational materials such as curricula, manuals, books and booklets which explore the linkages between gender and education in women’s lives through a multitude of methods and themes.


Nirantar’s curricula for activists, students and educationists are interactive and developed through sustained field engagement.  Nirantar has published some of these on its own and some in partnership with other organisations. Beginning in 1994 Nirantar collaborated with Mahila Samakhya — or Education for Women’s Equality, a national level government programme — in Uttar Pradesh to develop a residential education programme for rural women and adolescent girls for the Mahila Shikshan Kendra. The first of its kind, the model of the Mahila Shikshan Kendra has spread all over the country. Click here to read more about the MSK programme. Nirantar has also developed a curriculum for Janishala, the Sahjani Shiksha Kendra’s residential educational centre for Dalit and adivasi young women. Click here to read more about Janishala.

Nirantar’s curriculum development is based on the following principles:
Learner-centered - Creating curricula that is responsive to the life and world of the learner, respecting the experience the learner has already acquired.
Holistic - Based on the premise that the learner’s perception of her world is holistic and that adult learning is neither a compartmentalised nor linear process.
Feminist - Integration of a gender perspective in all content areas, making visible the social, economic and cultural experiences of women.