Nirantar began working on early and child marriage in 2013, with a research project on the landscape analysis of early marriage in india. Through this research, Nirantar has looked at the issue of early and child marriage through a feminist lens. Though Nirantar has worked with women and young girls over the last 20 years, through it's literacy program and ICT work, we did not engage with this particular issue directly. 
Although Child Marriage is understood primarily falls under the purview of child rights, we feel that many of the issues around marriage - child, early or forced; falls between the gaps of the women's movement and the child rights groups.We think it is crucial to work with young people since they are transitioning from childhood to adulthood; and the pressure of marriage performitivity lies on their shoulders.
Nirantar would like to bring to the forefront the issues of gender and sexuality that get ignored when one sights reasons and root causes of early and child marriage. As a resource and capacity building organisation extend support to organisations working with young people on the issues of early and child marriage, to build capacities and perspective of trainers to be able to create empowering programs with a feminist approach for young people.
Early and Child Marriage in India - A Landscape Analysis (English)
Early and Child Marriage in India - A Landscape Analysis (Hindi)