Sexuality Education for Young People

Nirantar is working towards ensuring that adolescence education can be empowering for young people. This work assumes importance in a context in which approaches to adolescence education and life skills, particularly those of State-sponsored agencies, are often fear-based, didactic and out of sync with the lived realities of adolescents. Life skills are aimed at enabling adolescents to ‘cope’ rather than understand or address their existing realities. Nirantar sees the need for such educational work with adolescents to be transformatory, positive and empowering.

We believe that sexuality education is a right that young people cannot be denied. Sexuality is a part of all our lives. If education is about critically understanding our lived realities, then sexuality necessarily has to be a part of education.

Nirantar also offers trainings on adolescence education/sexuality education to community-based groups working with young people, teachers and teacher educators. Nirantar is also active in the advocacy for transformatory adolescence education, and has worked with NCERT to strengthen the adolescent education programme offered at a national level, along with agencies such as UNFPA.