Nirantar believes that to critically understand and address lived realities, one needs a clear understanding of Gender and Sexuality. Hence Nirantar, as a resource centre, also conducts trainings and workshops on both gender as well as on sexuality for NGOs, government programmes and others.  These trainings seek to build an understanding of gender and sexuality which is linked to personal experience and real life contexts. This is critical since participants tend to distance themselves from such discussions, since it is easier to place these issues at a safe distance from oneself. The trainings also seek to build a political understanding of gender and sexuality. Therefore the question ‘why’ is at the core of the trainings — why certain gender and social norms exist and why are we punished or privileged if we challenge or follow these norms. Intersections with caste, religion, dis/ability are an important dimension of the capacity building. Since 2010, Nirantar has also been working on the linkages between sexuality and gender-based violence, and offers trainings to organisations on these linkages too. These workshops are designed to enable a case-worker to understand issues of sexuality and hence better equip them to handle gender-based violence cases. These rigorous and in-depth trainings ultimately aim to impact ground level interventions at the community level, whether these are for education, health, violence, etc.

Nirantar’s own community level work, even with regard to issues of sexuality and gender, has strengthened our abilities as a resource group to provide such trainings.